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Artist-made and designed stickers for all your wants at an affordable price, made with ethical production

About Us

Kristin & Ria Salvacion

Business Owners

Kriation Studios is run by sisters, Kristin and Ria Salvacion. Kristin Salvacion is an online artist that goes under then pen name "Uni" or "SmolUni", and creates all the designs and sets of the products sold. Ria Salvacion is a college student majoring in quantitative finance who focuses within the business management and promotions of the company.

"Kriation Studios started with me selling small doodles I made in class at a school event. After people telling me they wanted to buy more designs and art from me, I decided to look into production that would allow for a higher quality and long lasting product. I've been selling locally to classmates, friends, and family for over a year now and I'm ready to branch out further. I want to give people the option of affordable, ethically produced, artist-made and designed products, and hopefully be able to bring a smile to others with my art." -Kristin

F.A.Q / How To Order

Q: Are the stickers durable/long lasting?

A: Yes! Our stickers are weatherproof and wear-resistant, stickers that have been stuck onto laptops and phones have lasted over a year without signs of fading. 

Q: How long is your processing time?

A: We ask that you give a 2-3 day processing window as we're still students working by ourselves without an additional team. We may get caught up due to work outside of the shop. However, we will do our best to process your order in a timely matter.

Q: Can I track my order?

A: By default, your order does not come with tracking. However, if you'd like to track your order, you can pay an additional charge of $0.50. You will receive e-mails whenever your order is scanned at different post offices. The final notification will be when your order arrives at your local post office and you can expect your order to be delivered that day.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my order?

A: Your order should get to you within a week after processing! We ask that you post on social media (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and tag us, so we'll be able to repost to our own story and know that your order got to you safe and sound!

Q: Why is there an additional charge for shipping?

A: We offer free shipping for orders up to 1oz in weight. The weight is calculated for you automatically as you add items to your cart. If your order exceeds 1oz in weight then we have to charge a little bit for shipping to cover the additional postage required for your order.

Q: What if there's a problem in receiving my product in the mail?

A: We are not responsible for any lost or damaged items. However, if you have any concerns about your order you're free to email us at

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Unfortunately, at the moment we do not ship internationally. This is our first time doing online orders and we ship using regular priority mail (envelopes and stamps). In the near future, we hope to look into options for international shipping, but at the moment we cannot offer it. 

Q: How long does it take for an item to restock?

A: When an item is out of stock it will not be shown on the listing or be available to be put into your cart. We will be constantly monitoring stock and inventory, at the most there would be at least a two week window until the product is available. 

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